The Best Fit Possible

The Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aid is tailored to sit comfortably and discreetly inside your ear. Its leading Augmented Xperience platform also makes for outstanding speech clarity in even the noisiest environments.

Key features:

  • Custom-fit
  • Outstanding clarity
  • Connectivity with Android™ and iPhone® devices
  • Contactless rechargeable batteries (up to 20 hours)

Pure On the Go

Signia’s Pure Charge&Go AX is the world’s first hearing aid with Augmented Focus™, which delivers outstanding speech recognition with comfort and clarity. These hearing aids will change the way that you hear the world around you.

The Charge&Go AX helps unravel any confusing array of background sounds so you can focus with ease on what, and who, you want to hear.

Key features:

  • Augmented speech understanding
  • Immersive soundscape
  • On-the-go recharging
  • Wireless device connectivity
  • AI digital assistant

Keep Your Hearing Active

With its enhanced speech understanding technology and portable charging, the Signia Active X helps you take your hearing performance to the next level. This revolutionary earbud-styled hearing aid, programmed with the Xperience sound engine for exceptional quality, allows you to stream music and take phone calls via Bluetooth® technology.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth® streaming
  • Charge on-the-go option
  • AI digital assistant
  • Instant fit for maximum comfort

The Styletto™ AX is our most sophisticated hearing aid yet. This stylish, discreet behind-the-ear model lets you stay focused on what matters most and live life to the fullest. The Styletto AX hearing aid also features support through the Signia app, AI-powered personal sound through the Signia Assistant and a convenient charging case.

Key features:

  • Designed to treat mild, moderate or severe hearing loss
  • Smaller, more compact size for the best look possible
  • Built around Augmented Xperience™ platform for outstanding speech clarity
  • Dry&Clean charger that offers UVC cleaning and drying
  • Connectivity with Android™ and iPhone® devices

Experience Life in Motion

The Motion Charge&Go series offers you the ultimate rechargeable hearing aid experience. These sleek, stylish hearing aids help take your hearing performance to the next level.

All within a remarkably lightweight design, the Motion Charge&Go hearing aids lasts for up to 61 hours per charge, allow for long-lasting and high-quality streaming of music, calls and TV.

Key features:

  • Sleek, durable behind-the-ear design
  • Three powerful models (Charge&Go X, C&G P X and C&G SP X)
  • Wireless device connectivity
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries

Variety of Options

Signia offers a series of other hearing aid models with a variety of features for your individual hearing styles. Your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist may also recommend any of the following:

  • Signia Styletto X
  • Signia Silk X
  • Signia Insio NX
  • Signia Cros

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